About us

The Celley® story begins and ends with taking a sincere approach towards providing practical solutions to everyday problems for the elderly, or individuals in need of special assistance.


We understand that many disabilities (through age or physical impairment) can often be associated with a sense of dependency and helplessness. For many people, the inability to take care of oneself or loved one can leave them feeling completely debilitated. Recognizing this made our earnest objectives quite simple when introducing our line of products.


By offering a premium selection of assistive eating devices, adaptive clothing protectors and elderly care products – we want individuals to regain their independence and dignity.


As a brand, we’re not looking to change the world, but we are excited for the opportunity to make a meaningful difference. To do so, we believe that we can help people feel like tomorrow is more than just another day.


Our product catalog consists of items such as adult bib clothing protectors - designed to assist individuals with limited mobility and other health issues. All of our products must adhere to strict manufacturing requirements, product design and quality control to ensure a premium user experience.


We also specialize in adaptive eating and weighted utensils for those people who experience difficulty feeding themselves with regular silverware. Our product range even covers specialty items such as embroidered hoop sets and bamboo knitting needles for the hobbyist looking to knitflix and chill.


These products are perfect for the elderly, special needs patients, anyone suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and similar afflictions. We work with residential caretakers, assisted living facilities and nursing homes… to name a few.


Follow us along our journey, and help us put the control back in your loved ones hands.