• 6 Pack Adult Bibs with Crumb Catcher
  • 6 Pack Adult Bibs with Crumb Catcher
  • 6 Pack Adult Bibs with Crumb Catcher
  • 6 Pack Adult Bibs with Crumb Catcher
  • 6 Pack Adult Bibs with Crumb Catcher

6 Pack Adult Bibs with Crumb Catcher


Introducing the Adult Bib (6-Piece) Set by Celley.

These elegant bibs were specifically designed for the elderly, senior citizens and anyone suffering from a loss of motor skills. Made out of high quality material – our bibs offer optimal comfortability with premium clothing protection. Whether you’re an assisted living professional or have older relatives, parents, or a spouse in need of a little help during mealtime – you’ll find this premium 6-pack an exceptional value, in both price and peace of mind.

Multi-functional Bib Pocket

Our adult bibs come equipped with a crumb catcher pocket to help capture dropped food, preventing the staining of clothes, while ensuring a crumb free environment. This conveniently placed accent can also be used for carrying small items such as pocket tissues.

Waterproof and Washable

Each bib flaunts a convenient waterproof lining to help remove the moisture from accidentally spilled drinks, soups and other liquids. This feature also proves to be extremely helpful in contributing to a hassle-free clean up, as the bib can simply be tossed in the laundry machine for a quick and easy wash making them 100% reusable. The front bib is made with easy to clean 100% polyester for long-lasting durability and is paired with a 100% vinyl backing that prevents leakage, while offering an easy to wipe down surface.

The Celley Choice

What truly sets our adult bibs apart from the competition is not only how they look, but how they make each person feel. Our bibs flaunt an exclusive multi-color flower or butterfly bib pattern that gives off a tasteful, yet stylish profile that makes mealtime an elegant affair for your loved ones.

EAN: 6430069110206

Color: Floral

Size: One Size

(For Best Results)

  1. Machine wash on warm (or) hot with a MAX water temperature of 194° F / 90° C.
  2. Do not use fabric softener.
  3. Do not iron.


  • INCLUDES: (6) Adult Bib Clothing Protectors
  • PRIMARY FUNCTION: Designed to give the elderly (or anyone suffering from a loss of motor skills) a bit of grace and dignity during mealtime - preventing undesirable food and drink stains, while ensuring clean, dry and mess-free clothing
  • ELEGANT DESIGN: Each bib measures at 30” long and 18” wide for extra coverage, and features a hook and loop closure with one of our floral or butterfly patterns to help hide stains
  • PREVENTATIVE CARE: Comes with an optional crumb catcher intended to help collect crumbs, ultimately protecting the wearer’s clothing for unintentional drink and food spills
  • 100% REUSABLE: Flaunting a targeted range of capabilities, we’ve crafted this 3-piece bib set with premium quality material and waterproof-lining that makes each item laundry machine friendly for repeated use